The Agency

2m Communications Ltd is unique: it is the only agency that solely represents professional ghostwriters, collaborators and editors who specialize in the world of books. We work exclusively with other leading literary agents and publishers whose high-profile authors, celebrities and public figures require confidential associations and talented professionals to turn their spoken words into printed pages.

We have had unprecedented success with our ghostwriters and collaborators. 2M Communications Ltd has provided writers for over 60 New York Times Bestsellers, five of which were No. 1.

The authors, celebrities and public figures with whom we collaborate come from many different fields: business; film, music and television; health and fitness; medicine and psychology; parenting; politics; science; sports; true crime and the world of food.

Our strength comes from knowing all our writers personally: this allows us to carefully curate a focused list of writers to complement your needs. We deliberately keep our lists small: we choose to work with approximately 100 extraordinarily credentialed professionals, each of whom specializes in a particular area.

2M Communications Ltd is a member of the Association of American Literary Agents, Inc (AALA), Women’s Media Group (WMG) and PEN. We charge fifteen percent commission on monies earned for and by our writers.