The Agent

Madeleine Morel, 2M Communications Ltd

Madeleine Morel was born in England and moved to New York in 1977. Her love of books has led to a life long career in publishing.

In 1982, her varied experience in all areas of book publishing: sales, editorial and publicity, led her to establish 2M Communications Ltd, a literary agency specializing in non-fiction titles. Madeleine’s fondness for non-fiction allowed her to package book ideas: she worked extensively with both established and first time authors creating, editing and selling outlines and proposals to the major publishing houses. As an established literary agent, she sold hundreds of book projects.

In her current role as a literary matchmaker, Madeleine Morel has both a professional and an intuitive instinct for putting together the right people. Since she has such a hands-on approach to work, Madeleine has deliberately maintained a boutique agency. Developing a personal relationship with writers, authors, agents and publishing editors is paramount for her.

Madeleine is always looking for new clients who have books to be written in order to maintain her Prada habit!