Do I Need a Ghostwriter?

If you’re a leader today—whether of a Fortune 500 company or a boutique consulting firm—you’ve probably thought of writing a book. You’re wanting to make a greater impact as a thought leader and share what you’ve learned.

You may have developed a killer concept, a brilliant book title, a first chapter, or hundreds of pages of content but, if you’re like many of the leaders I’ve worked with, you’ve arrived at a moment when you’re stuck. The time + effort + result equation isn’t working and you—-and perhaps your team—recognize you need help.

Those of us in the book publishing business know that writing a book is unlike any other creative project. What looks straightforward when you scan your bookshelves is anything but. You may be asking yourself:

  • Am I on the right track?
  • How do I organize my ideas?
  • How do I find all the information and stories I need?
  • How do I translate what I know from experience into something of broad value that will make a difference?
  • How do I even fill enough pages?
  • And, most of all, how can I find the time?

There’s an answer—a ghostwriter or book collaborator.

Almost every major work of nonfiction today—especially in the business realm—is written with the support of a small team, which might include a ghostwriter or collaborator, a researcher, an editor, and one or more early readers.

The crucial next step in making your book project happen is learning how to find an experienced ghostwriter who can help you articulate and focus your vision, and put all your thoughts on the page.

I need to underline that point—

“Find an experienced ghostwriter who can help you articulate and focus your vision.

This first step is perhaps the most important one of all. In my thirty years developing and selling book projects to major publishers and matching ghostwriters with “authors” —I’ve learned that neglecting to define the central idea and purpose of a book can spell disaster. It’s imperative to know what your book is about, what you are trying to accomplish, and why you’re writing it.

Take time to think about this central issue before you look for the editorial and creative expertise you need. And then think about one more thing:

Always bring humility to the process. Finding the right ghostwriter is like finding the right business partner. They will become your sounding board. They will challenge your ideas. They’ll channel your thoughts and refine your message. And your success will be their success!

Madeleine Morel is a premier New York-based literary agent with over 30 years of book publishing experience. As the founder of 2M Communications, she focuses exclusively on matching thought leaders, experts, and personalities with industry-leading ghostwriters and book collaborators.