The Corporate Work

Our high-profile work within the book publishing community, and the quality of our writers, has resulted in 2M Communications Ltd developing relationships with numerous multi-million and billion-dollar industries. We work with phenomenally successful and influential CEOs, thought leaders, experts, and corporations who, recognizing the value of branding and legacy building, are seeking to have books written on their behalf.

Our business writers and collaborators have deep expertise in all areas: leadership lessons and entrepreneurial activities, motivational and “big idea” books, CEO memoirs, finance, corporate histories and more. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, hi-tech organizations, international law firms, brokerage houses, hedge funds and non-profits.

We work one-on-one to make the perfect match by identifying the best collaborator for each book according to subject matter and client goals. This demands a specialized expertise, flexibility and skill – the writer has to understand your business, capture your voice, appreciate your goals, and work with deadlines.

Whether your book is self-published or finds a publishing house, we can help guide you by introducing you to industry professionals.

Our business writers aren’t cheap… but they are the best.